VIDA - Our Story...

VIDA It was born with the intention of recognized and "own" our essence, believing in the potential that we have within us, our virtues and dreams.

Our personal growth begins when we recognized or value, when we recognize our value, when we believe in ourselves. When we work on finding ourselves again with what we are and with what God has called us to be. We all have a purpose in life, recognizing it is done from the inside, and it is externalized with concrete acts of love, charity and service. Just as evidenced in how we take care of our body. How we see and accept ourselves.

We believe in ways to honor and own our essence, on the one hand there is taking care of our inner world, we cultivate with a personal encounter with God and with ourselves, through prayer and/or meditation, using tools such as our personal journal; and on the other side -complementary- recognizing and accepting our beauty, wearing and unique products, which represents not only the beauty of the Colombian woman, but also the strength, generosity, creativity and perseverance of Colombian artisans, all reflected in unique and beautiful handmade jewelry.